peacock-1Sweetfield Manor is home to at least 15 fully grown peafowls who tend to grace the grounds in search of food and a quiet place to rest their beautiful heads.

Peacocks, the male peafowl, are the more attractive of the species. Their tail feathers contribute to 60% of their body length and they can have wingspans of up to five feet. These magnificent birds, usually blue & green in colour with hues of gold and red, are known for their iridescent tails. A peacock’s train can be arched into beautiful fans over the bird’s back and it touches the ground on either side when lowered.

Peahens, the female peafowls, are brown, grey or cream in colour with a white bellies and green neck and can have peacock2little to no tails. Although the males are more attractive, the peahens have the advantage to camouflage in the wild and avoid predation.

Did you know groups of peafowls are considered ‘parties’?

Fun fact: Peahens are believed to select their mate based on the size, colour and quality of a male’s ability to spread and display his tail feathers.

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